Video In-person Meeting


Did you know that more people watch YouTube than every cable and satellite subscriber combined? 

Every day, the average American spends nearly 2 hours watching videos. People watch so many videos that 93% of all the internet bandwidth world-wide is spent on watching videos.

Use our service at Clovis Tech Support to create high-quality videos explaining your business or explaining your products or services.  

Your business can upload the videos to your YouTube channel (or we’ll help you create one and then upload your first video). Then we’ll add the video to your website so your customers can see it.

Within a short period of time you’ll notice your website analytics will improve. You will see your visitor’s time on site increase, the number of pages people click-through increase, and you’ll realize more customers for your business. All from video. 

How this works:

  1. Purchase the video in-person meeting.
  2. We will set up a time that works to come out and meet with your business in Fresno county to understand your needs. 
  3. We will create an outline of the video that you require (you can revise).
  4. We will provide a custom project for a rate that fits your budget (videos start at $499).
  5. After you purchase the custom project, our team will get started creating the video and have it finished according to the agreed upon timeline. 
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