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Business Services

We provide professional services that will get your business ready for today’s modern world of internet-connected devices.


Email is known to improve communication and increase customer revenue. We take care of design, timing, triggers, content, and follow-ups to help boost your communications with your leads and customers.


Add more functionality to your website with development or by leveraging plugins. For example, many companies are adding payment checkouts to automatically collect money for online orders.


The modern experience requires your business to be a subject matter expert online to gain the trust of your visitors. We can create the high-quality content your website needs on a regular basis.


Show off your business is with high-quality videos about your offerings and customer experience. We can film, edit, and create exceptional videos for your business, offerings, and customer experience.

In-Office Tech Support

If you need anything fixed in your office, contact us.

Be Found Online

We positioned our company on the first page of the world’s largest search engines for valuable keywords and phrases.

We did this because it is a very successful strategy to gain new customers and help existing customers find us again.

We can deliver the same results for your business.

We will make sure your website is found on the first page of Google when people use relevant keywords phrases that fit your business.

Clovis Tech Support can fully manage this service for you and we’ll do it for a fraction of the cost that other firms charge.

Create More Revenue

Have you noticed that it’s very easy to find our services and decide what might be a fit for your business?

We did this because it’s a successful strategy to get more people who visit our site to become our customers.

We can deliver the same results for your business.

By leveraging years of best practices and design principles, we are able to rebuild a new website for your business that will increase sales, leads, and phone calls from the traffic you already have.