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Effective email communications with customers and prospects can increase your revenue significantly.

This is possible because most people are not ready to make a purchase when they interact with your business.

If you maintain consistent email communications with leads and customers, then over time, it will give your business a much higher probability to create more customers when the timing is right for them.

The alternative is to not set up email communications and hope your leads and customers recall your business and seek you out when the timing is right for them.

Having effective email communications in place is much more advantageous for your bottom line then not emailing.

Set your business up for success with this email communication service from Clovis Tech Support.

How this works:

  1. We will provide your business with a custom email strategy for your needs.
  2. We will create an email template design (you can revise).
  3. We will create the names and workflows for each email series (you can revise).
  4. We will create the content for the emails (you can revise).
  5. We will set up the lead generation forms on your website to automate email collection.
  6. We will set up the email system to automate email content to both leads and customers.
  7. We will supply you with regular reports including email subscriber count, open rates, click-through-rates, and conversions.
  8. Over time, we will add to each email workflow to create more robust communications for your business.

About Payment:

  • $125 initial meeting fee.
  • System price $TBD based on outgoing email communications, email server requirements, email content with updates, analytic data reporting, and more.
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