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New High Speed Internet Service Options In Clovis, CA

Clovis Tech Support is very experienced with the internet service providers in Fresno county.

We have a lot of experience with the various internet service providers that are popular in the area. More often than not, one company in particular tends to need more service than others. However, there are always a number of variables to consider that are outside what the service provider will really take care of. For example, If you experience intermittent connections after several modem swaps, it can be a clear indication there is an issue in the line somewhere.

Depending on which company you subscribe to,  they may or may not take care of this and they may or may not send you the bill depending on if the issue is on your property or somewhere else. In addition to that, if it’s not simple or straightforward, there’s often significant time delays to get these issues fixed. If you’re somebody who uses the internet for entertainment or work purposes, this can be a real issue for you.

As a tech support company, we have identified a number of points of failure that the traditional internet service providers have to deal with in order to provide consistent, reliable speeds to your home or office.

Of course we can fix these issues and it usually will take care of the customer until the next point of failure occurs. For example, if the coax cable is old and brittle, all the connections probably should be replaced as well. Another way to deal with internet issues is to bypass the Antiquated internet service providers who rely on cable internet. 

Using a wireless internet service like T-Mobile or Verizon or AT&T provides is a very simple way to connect to the internet, obtain high speeds for a low-cost, and make sure you have a consistent connection by bypassing the existing miles and miles of cable infrastructure that the antiquated wired connection provides.

For speed and price examples: Xfinity 1000mbps = $170/month | T-mobile 650mbps = $50/month

How much speed do you need?

The 650 MB connection that we see in Clovis from T-Mobile is more than enough to support 20 devices, stream TVs, play video games, use WIFI calling, conduct zoom meetings, and so on.

This bandwidth may only be insufficient if you are in a corporate or multi-family settings with more than 20 devices that required and very high speed Connection for things like video streaming and gaming.