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Long gone are the days where an outdated, non-functional website provides value to your business.

In this modern world, people expect the businesses they work with to have helpful, user-friendly websites that allow them to quickly complete the task they set out to accomplish.

The strategy of a business website that exists as nothing more than images and words on a few web pages connected together with hyperlinks and your phone number is not enough to win the customer in this modern era.

A website needs to be full featured and have the modern functionality customers expect.

For many businesses, that means adding in e-commerce functionality. For other businesses that means adding shipping to expanding their offerings outside the local region.

Whatever it is, this service at Clovis Tech Support, will add the missing functionality your website needs, at a rate that is affordable to your budget.

How this works:

  1. Purchase the functionality in-person meeting.
  2. We will set up a time that works for you to come out and meet with your business in Fresno county to understand needs.
  3. We will create an outline of the functionality you require (you can revise).
  4. We will provide a custom project for a rate that fits your budget.
  5. After you purchase the custom project, our team will get started developing the custom functionality and have it finished within 1-month or less.
  6. We will provide access to a demo of the custom development (you can revise and approve).
  7. After the custom development is approved, we will integrate it directly to your live website (when possible*).

*Not all content management systems allow for custom code. We will discuss the options available in the functionality meeting.

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